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Retirement Financial Planning

We have found that most people who have worked 25 or more years are concerned with making a mistake with their retirement. We created a fiduciary, fee-only planning process that helps you to replace your working income, minimize your taxes and protect your investment portfolio during the retirement years. We will build a personalized plan that recognizes your personal goals and mitigates potential risks.

Investment Planning

The goal of any portfolio is finding the proper balance between risk and return. Our investment strategies seek to measure risk levels across all markets and find those investments that provide the best return for a given level of risk at the lowest cost.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is all about evaluating personal risks and maximizing your protection at an affordable cost. A comprehensive insurance analysis allows us to shop the entire market to find the best coverage at the lowest prices.

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Tax Planning/Preparation

We have witnessed many times that someone could pay more in taxes in retirement than when they were working. We plan carefully to consider your tax situation now and, in the future, to coordinate the timing of recognizing income and maximizing deductions.

Estate Planning/Preparation

Working closely with our estate planning partners at Stanfield Dupre Law Firm, we will collaborate to ensure your family is protected from unexpected risks while preserving the legacy you desire.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Every individual is unique in their desire to steward family resources and investing the gifts they have received. We help evaluate the best tools for gifting, whether it is a simple donor advised fund, a charitable trust or a family foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions



Does Engrave Wealth provide client references?

References are available on an individual basis as requested.

How often does Engrave Wealth meet with clients?

Engrave Wealth encourages client review meetings with clients at least once per year with phone & email contact in between as needed. As client’s request interactions more frequent than annually, we will accommodate to the best of our ability. We also utilize the latest available electronic means to conduct virtual meetings when necessary.

How many clients does Engrave Wealth serve?

As of March 2022, Engrave Wealth works with 320 households providing comprehensive wealth management services with approximately $585 million in client assets under management.

Does Engrave Wealth provide estate planning?

Engrave Wealth has a partnership with Nick Dupre, Board Certified Estate Planning Attorney, with the StanfieldDupre Law Firm. Nick provides guidance and planning, as well as document preparation according to terms that are agreeable with the client and the Dupre Law Firm. Like tax preparation, Engrave Wealth coordinates closely with Nick and the client during the estate planning process ensuring that the overall goals of the financial plan are accomplished with the estate plan.

Will Engrave Wealth prepare our tax returns?

Engrave Wealth engages in extensive tax planning as part of our financial planning process. The completion of tax returns and providing estimated payments for taxes due is completed by our strategic partner, Lomness CPA Services. Lomness CPA Services may charge a separate fee for any tax preparation work involved.

Are there any trading costs involved with your investment strategy?

Charles Schwab sets the pricing for all trading activity. Schwab offers selective investments, including stocks and exchange traded funds with no trading costs or commissions. A limited number of mutual funds carry a $15 transaction fee for any buy or sell.

How does Engrave Wealth collect fees for services?

Each client pays an annual fee based on the fee schedule attached. The fee is split into 12 payments assessed at the beginning of each month, calculated using your fee rate and the ending balance from the previous month. Fees are debited directly from the cash balance from your account[s].

Does Engrave Wealth collect commissions on investments?

As an independent advisory firm, we are prohibited from collecting commissions from transactions for clients. In acting as fiduciary advisors, our firm assesses a fee based on the total value of the client account. As the value of the client account changes, our total fee will adjust accordingly. A complete schedule of fee levels is available.

Does Engrave Wealth use a third-party custodian to hold client accounts?

We currently use Charles Schwab as custodian for all client accounts.

Is Engrave Wealth a fiduciary for investments and financial planning?

Engrave Wealth Partners is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the SEC. As such, we are required by law to act as fiduciaries for our clients. As fiduciaries, we act in the client’s best interest and seek to mitigate or disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Does Engrave Wealth offer online tools?

Charles Schwab offers online access to account statements, daily balances, and tax documents via Additionally, we offer our own Engrave Wealth Client Portal to provide an in-depth analysis of investment returns and allocation, as well as a secure file vault for exchanging documents that contain sensitive information.

How does Engrave Wealth manage portfolios?

Portfolio management at Engrave Wealth Partners uses a risk-managed return approach that emphasizes low-cost index funds allocated to the most efficient risk-adjusted areas of the market. This process involves allocating assets in categories showing above average demand relative to the market in its entirety. More specifically, we allocate minimally to categories with weak demand. We also recognize that portfolio expenses have a negative impact on returns, therefore we engage in thorough analysis to find lower cost options for mutual funds, ETF’s and individual stocks and bonds.

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